Shades Graphics

Digital Printing and Screen Printing Experts

The focus of Shades is on meeting the developing needs of its customers through the creative application of coating, printing and conversion technologies. Our aim is to help you to create a clear visual identity for your products and brands on the most demanding materials.

We continue to adopt an innovative approach to the creation of high impact display graphics, decorative features and backlit panels for close definition applications. Quality both in the products we produce and in the service we offer is core to our business.We offer a complete solution driven approach and are dedicated to building partnerships with our customers.

What We Do

Entertainment & Gaming

  • Many years of experience – Shades has worked within this sector for over 30 years
  • In-house studio – specialists with gaming design development skills
  • High resolution output
  • Facia panels: glass, acrylics, etc
  • Produce many other gaming machine items, e.g. reel bands and buttons

Print reproduction is absolutely critical in these sectors where even the smallest deviation in the colour value will be shown up by the back illumination. Applications rely on very high resolution output along with vibrancy and depth of colour. Consistent quality at every stage of our production is vital and we are in a position to satisfy the strict requirements of the international market and to supply quickly and reliably.

The team in our in-house studio are specialists in the development of designs for this sector.

Whilst flat glass is used for high security facia panels on gaming machines we also typically print on acrylics and polycarbonates and produce many other ancillary items such as reel bands and buttons. Water jet cutting is used for intricate profiling and cutting of glass.

Painted Glass Panels

  • Glass painting system – easy to clean, tough and durable
  • Applications – kitchen, bathroom, ceilings, etc
  • Mirrored features – can be integrated into spray painted panels and facias

Shades’ technique of masking and etching allows mirrored features to be integrated into spray painted panels and facias. To enhance the depth of colour, vibrancy and versatility, our glass painting system has been used. Applications such as kitchens, bathrooms, corridors, partitions, reception areas, floors, ceilings and many other commercial and domestic applications to create a feeling of depth, space and light.

Painted glass offers a low maintenance, easy to clean, tough durable and hygienic product. Extensive testing has been carried out on the adhesion and durability of the coatings which have now been in use around the world for over 15 years.

POS Display & Signage

  • High quality displays – combination of screen print and digital print allows backlit display affect
  • Flexibility – can produce banners, stickers, posters, etc for any purposes
  • Complete – displays are finished and assembled in-house

Shades uses a combination of print processes including screen and the latest digital printing to produce top quality displays and signage. Displays are finished and assembled in-house.

The quality of our printing withstands the closest scrutiny on close definition applications such as backlit displays.

We handle your enquiry from the initial design concept through to manufacture.


  • Specialist ink system – to print on a range of substrates
  • Vivid backlit display – graphic without diminishing quality of print
  • Tailored solution – manage clients’ projects from start to finish

The components we supply are key vehicles conveying the brand image of the products being dispensed so consistency and accuracy of reproduction is critical.

Using specialist ink systems we combine print onto a wide variety of substrates including self adhesive materials used to clad metal vending machine carcasses. For vacuum formed assemblies we are able to draw upon our expertise in distortion printing.

We offer tailored solutions to our client partners and manage projects from start to finish.

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