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Every space where your company is represented can help you to project and reinforce your brand and company values – including your offices and workspaces. An environment that looks good projects a positive message to all who works or visit it. Acrylic furniture provides a cost effective way to individualise your workspace, with designs which are simple yet stylish, funky but functional.

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Mardan Products is skilled in the design and production of cutting edge clear acrylic or coloured acrylic furniture which combine aesthetics with everyday functionality. At Mardan Products, our in-house design team work alongside our highly skilled acrylic craftsmen to produce bespoke items of acrylic furniture to your exact specification. All our products are designed and produced to the highest quality in our factory in the UK.

Choose from our existing range of tables or use our designers to help you develop pieces of furniture which are exclusive to you. Whether you want totally new design or to customise an existing design- the choice is yours. Our designers will provide 3D images of your furniture throughout the design process, so you can be sure the final product will more than match your expectations. Mardan Products has the skill in both design and production to turn your vision into reality.

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