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Acrylic & Perspex® Brand Blocks

In this highly competitive world, getting your message across to your customer effectively is paramount if you want to stay ahead of competition. With so many different products and brands jostling for attention you need to be sure that wherever your products are displayed your brand will still stand out from the rest . Acrylic branding blocks are the ideal solution which helps your brand to convey its value in a simple and effective way. They are a stylish, durable and eye catching way to project a message of quality to the customer at the very point of sale. With their clean lines and contemporary look acrylic branding blocks ensure your logo and brand can come to the fore.

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Mardan Display have the knowledge, experience and facilities to produce a branding block ideally suited to your individual requirements. Together we can enhance the awareness of the brand. Mardan display has created thousands of branding blocks in an almost unimaginable variety of designs and finishes for hundreds of clients including some of the world’s best known brands. Acrylic is incredibly versatile, making it an ideal material for branding blocks. It is available in vast number of thickness, colours and textures which can also be digitally and screen printed, bonded, shaped, angled, have vinyl letters applied and much more. The design possibilities it offers are virtually limitless.

Our in-house designers can create a branding block to suit your requirements or we can manufacture direct from your specifications. All our branding blocks are made to the highest quality in our factory in the UK. You name it we can produce it.

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Want to know more about Brand Blocks?

Please click the link below and fill out our form and one
of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.