Climate Change and Carbon

Energy efficient lighting is used through the factory, and we have installed large clear sections through the roof which enables the natural light in thus meaning 80% of the time lighting through the factory is not in used during the summer months. We have installed zone lighting in 95% of all other areas of the building which means lighting is automatic and timed, lights can never be left on. We are also in the process of converting all lighting to more energy efficient LED which we hope to have completed in the coming years.


Use of locally based suppliers helps use achieve a smaller carbon footprint on transportation. Most of our acrylic sheet is sourced and manufactured right here in the UK, just 35 miles away from our factory, reducing dramatically the carbon footprint we leave behind in transportation. Move to new modern premises in 2014 has enabled us to reduce energy bills dramatically.

By working closely with our biggest customers, we have managed to adopt two deliveries a week, and in some case even a 1 delivery a week policy. We produce these customers orders daily and make two or in some case one delivery a week, reducing the impact our transportation has on the Environment.


Here at Mardan we have adopted a paperless system were possible which has helped us reduce our use of paper by around 50%. we try to encourage our suppliers to do the same.


We work to eliminate as much waste as possible in the production process and re-use and recycle extensively. All our waste acrylic is 100% recycled and we use the PE stripping film for packaging. Where possible we will recycle and re-use any packaging, we receive our goods in. Dispose of any waste that cannot be recycled, responsibly and alongside a waste management company that abides by current waste management regulation and legislation.

Supply Chain

We try where possible to use locally based suppliers which helps use reduce our carbon footprint on transportation as well as trying to ensure we use suppliers that adopt the same ethical responsibilities as Mardan.

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