July 2017 – Getting to Know You

Employee Profile

Welcome to July’s edition of Getting to Know You. In June we found out all about Andy our Commercial Director and his dedication to Mardan. This month it is Alex’s turn! Alex is one of the newest members to our team here at Mardan so what better way to find out a little more about her than to grill her in our July instalment of Getting to Know You!

This month we’re getting to know our Alex

Name: Alex

Position: Sales & Business Development Manager

Length of Service: 9 months

3 words which best describe you: Bubbly, passionate and a pocket-rocket (small, powerful & packs a punch!)

What do you love about your job: I love that every day is different. I really enjoy talking to all of our fantastic customers and building a rapport with them. My role covers many different areas within the business so for example one day I might be in the office working on the social media, ebay or dealing with our customers – the next I could be on the road going to visit new or existing customers to talk about new projects and designs.

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Favourite project to date: There are a few projects that I have worked on that I have found particularly interesting and amazing however I have thoroughly enjoyed setting up our ebay page and working together with my amazing colleagues to create something so successful-it is such an achievement to see it grow month on month. As well as this I love working on projects that promote cosmetics, fragrance or fashion – they are really fun and creative!


What do you love to do in your spare time: I love to spend time with my husband, my cat and dog! You’ll often find me out shopping, gardening or sewing – my favourite things to do!        

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What is your favourite range of acrylic: I get so giddy when I go through all of the samples I adore them all but if I had to choose just one it would be the Perspex® Pearlescent range -it is just so beautiful and would work so well in many different environments and for many different applications. 

Favourite book and/or film: I don’t love to read books but I enjoy watching films and the occasional box set. My favourite film has to be Beaches and my current favourite series is Riviera.


What would be your dream project to work on: I would love to work on a huge interior project for a retail store – from cladding the walls to creating the showcases and producing all the bespoke signage and POS. This would be fantastic and perhaps we could use some Pearlescent Perspex® too!

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If you were to have a film made about your life who would play you: Oh goodness me this is a tough one! I am going to have to pick Audrey Hepburn as I am a huge fan of her work. 

Check back in August for our next instalment of ‘Getting to Know You’ I wonder who it’ll be…….